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English bantamweight champion Liam Davies is full of confidence as he prepares to defend his title on 28th August in Birmingham writes Noah Abrahams. 

Just shy of three months after beating Stefan Slavchev with a technical knockout last time out, the 25-year-old is hopeful of a similar

outcome as he represents Queensberry for only the second time in his career. 

Speaking ahead of the ‘Night of Champions’ show at the Utilita Arena, Davies shared his experience of working alongside Hall of Fame boxing promoter, Frank Warren. 

“He’s got me on two shows quick, so I’m happy,” Davies said. “One of the shows was in my own town too, so it couldn’t go better. 

“He has started off well. He has got to keep it going now.” 

With the cameras ready to roll on fight night, all eyes will be on Davies and an unbeaten record (9-0-0, 4 KOs) that is yet to be tarnished. Despite not knowing who his opponent will be in his tenth professional bout, Davies explained his mindset in the build-up to the event. 

“The plan is to keep pushing forward and to pick up some titles as I go along,” he said. “I want to keep in the public eye now that I’m with BT. The aim is to keep winning, that’s the main thing. 

“This fight is a longer ten rounder and it might take me a couple of rounds to get into it and feel him out. But trust me, I’ll be going for it.”

“You can expect to see more of my boxing this time. Last time I was a bit mad, just a bit wild. This time you will see a lot more of the boxing skills that I have picked up over the years.” 

Liam Davies

Photograph Credit: Mkuu Amani

Having called out Dennis McCann and Prince Patel in the past, Davies explained that whilst boxing fans are eager to find out who he’ll be fighting next, for now all focus is on personal development. 

“It’s about being disciplined and pacing yourself,” he said. “In the ring, I’m used to three rounds as an amateur where you had three minutes to get things over and done with. Now, you have to be clever about it and take your time. 

“It’s the experience I am after and that’s why I want the longer rounds. I want to pick up more of that experience for the bigger fights in the future.” 

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