Sweet Star shines bright as Davanna and Omar make waves

Davanna Sweet was born in Brooklyn, New York where she grew up among great reggae artists who went on to become icons and legends. This included the likes of  Marcia Griffiths, Earl 16, Freddie McGregor, and Sister Carol

A musically influenced life provided privileged moments, which she has been able to build upon over the years.

In her youth Davanna traveled extensively nationally and internationally, Her journeys included venturing from New York to California, from England to Jamaica, before settling in West Africa at age 18.

Her musical collaborations began in The Gambia, alongside MCA’s iconic recording group “The Boys” now known as “Suns of light”. 

She collaborated on a variety of projects, including providing backing vocals for productions featuring young talent within the African community.

Fast forward to today.

A much loved and celebrated artist, Davanna’s vocal has reached across the globe and can be heard in a host of wonderful collaborations and compilations.

Alongside Omar Perry she released the vibrant track titled “Rhythm Runs Deep” in 2013. She followed this with a recent song called “Nice it up” which was released last October, as well as another single titled More Than Conquerers” which was featured on “Conquerers Riddim.” 

Working closely with Omar Perry, Davanna has joined the Official Staff riddim project, and courtesy of the recording sessions hosted by Perry , you can now hear the sweet combinations of Perry & Davanna on the wonderful track titled “Star.”

You can Stream/Download the single or tune into Prodigal Sun Radio where you’ll be able to enjoy the release.

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