(Community) Chris O'Sullivan speech (Birmingham). THE PMEDIA PODCAST

Dalian Atkinson died on 15 August 2016 near his father's house in Telford when West Mercia Police responded to a call. Atkinson had a taser fired at him and was kicked him in the head. He went into cardiac arrest.  The police officer who killed him was later found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison. Chris O'Sullivan was one of the guest speakers at an event to protest against, what was viewed as, the officer's lenient sentencing. 
  1. (Community) Chris O'Sullivan speech (Birmingham).
  2. Sir Geoff Palmer (Interview).
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  4. (Boxing) Liam Davies (Interview)
  5. (Boxing) Clayton Bricknell (Interview)
  6. Charlie Williams (Interview)
  7. Dr Bishop Desmond Jaddoo (Interview)
  8. (Boxing) Conah Walker stops Jack Ewbank in first round

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