How To Succeed as a Female Boxer – 5 Tips from the Pros

How To Succeed as a Female Boxer – 5 Tips from the Pros

By Guest Contributor

Photography by Mkuu Amani

Beccy Ferguson

For several years, there has been a separation in sports. Participating in matches where contact is more prevalent was mainly male dominated.

Fortunately, this attitude and the psychological division line with these rougher events have been broken down, leaving sports such as boxing as an open alternative to women who want to participate.

This change is fantastic for fans who now get to enjoy the best of both worlds. There have been several exciting boxing matches between women in the past few years, many aired on mainstream sports streaming channels such as FuboTV. 

Getting to the top of their game isn’t easy for many female boxers, but the rewards and personal growth for doing so can be exhilarating. Going on this journey and becoming successful requires hard work and dedication.

It may also be more attainable to grasp by following these five tips from the pros:

1. Keep The Opponent Guessing

One of the first tips a female boxer may want to use when they’re on the journey to becoming a successful professional boxer is to keep their opponents guessing.

Every boxer is typically aware of the strengths and weaknesses they possess. Picking up on these two opposing factors is essential in becoming a better fighter in the ring.

When any faults are spotted, it’s crucial to work on them diligently until they become strengthened. Turning weaknesses into strengths can help keep each opponent guessing and may be the critical component leading to a knockout.

With video available on many of the matches completed by professional female boxers, it’s easy for an opponent to hone in on areas of weakness that may provide an opportunity to dominate.

Working on eliminating this factor can surprise an opponent, especially when they get thrown a punch or defensive move they weren’t expecting.

Rachel Ball v Monika Antonik

2. Always Be Learning

Transitioning from another sport such as kickboxing or learning to box as a fresh beginner can be frustrating at times.

Training the body to change from one style to another when the muscle memory mechanism is remembering a specific way of executing an action will likely take time to transition.

Building an arsenal of physical boxing skills that can be utilized quickly when facing the dangers of a top opponent requires a female boxer to continue the learning process.

This may not only include understanding new moves but possessing a strong dedication to becoming highly proficient in punches or defensive stances already known.

Continuing this effort will probably be rewarded one day when looking back at how it has all come together and recognizing what it took to get the hang of a particular move or learn something new.

Teodora Hristova v Cathy McAleer

3. Get Inspired by Other Fighters

Boxing can be a lonely sport. After entering the ring, the only help really available is between the rounds.

Getting inspiration from other fighters who have become favorites can be an excellent way to stay motivated and work hard.

Knowing they put in several hours of training and to gain physical and mental toughness to reach the top of their game can act as a catalyst in bringing out the true potential possessed by a female boxer.

Any time an extra push of motivation is needed, it may be best to pull out old training videos or highlights to watch one or more of these boxers for the encouragement and incentive their success can provide.

This influence can be drawn from both genders and might include a male boxing great or a female who has been at the top of her game for several years.

Kirstie Bavington v Vaida Masiokaite

4. Seek Out Support

Having a support system to rely on can also be a critical factor in becoming successful in this combat sport.

Inspiration and motivation can be obtained by a sparring partner or other women at the gym. Watching them push themselves to attain their goals and the payoff it brings can be highly influential in galvanizing the spirit required to work on each detail of becoming a better boxer.

Having setbacks is bound to happen and losing a vital boxing match can be devastating mentally.

Bouncing back is important during this journey and often leads to the best achievements, coming back stronger and better than ever.

Lauren Johnson

5. Mental Rehearsal

Becoming a better boxer and winning more matches can also be more attainable by incorporating mental rehearsal alongside physical training.

Taking this approach and visualizing movements helps activate the exact mechanism required to throw a jab or practice another specific skill.

While it may be working at a lower level than a physical practice, it can be an excellent way to prepare the mind to become even quicker at understanding the right moves to make when an opponent’s glove is coming in fast.

Providing an image of the physical movements needed to block a punch or throw a right hook can help speed up the mental process required to perform these skills precisely and quickly.

Taking the time to mentally visualize a move allowing slippage outside of a punch and then returning fast with an uppercut should be done with as much detail as possible to become second nature.

Becoming a top professional in the female boxing world can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Utilizing any of these tips should help attain the small goals and bigger ones during each step of the journey.