There’s no need to register for NHS Dental Services according to Pharmacy, Dental and Optometry for The Black Country and Birmingham and Solihull’s Senior Commissioning Manager, Tracy Harvey.

Speaking to Walsall Council’s Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee at the Council House last Thursday, Harvey pointed to the high levels of angst and difficulties the public are experiencing concerning dental access.  

According to Harvey registration for NHS Dental Services is a myth because there is no such concept.  In contrast to the system of allocation applied to GP services, people requiring dental treatment can access ‘any provider subject to capacity.’

“No one has priority over anyone else  other than by virtue of their clinical need,” Harvey said, adding that it’s important to ensure that we can free up access.

“If there’s an appointment it should be for whoever asks for it subject to their need.”

Walsall has 38 dental contracts (in 26 practices) of varying sizes which offer a range of routine dental services.