Book Launch at the New Art Gallery

Book Launch at the New Art Gallery

In Photographs

By Mkuu Amani

Walsall’s African Caribbean community met to celebrate the launch of the book

Through Sweat, Tears and Triumphs – Reflections on the African Caribbean presence in Walsall. 

Published by Marcia M Publishing. Artwork and print by Kevin Williams of Frank Image Ltd

About The Authors

Jennifer Blake, Tony Talburt, Pat Houslin, Evadne Drysdale

Jennifer Blake

Jennifer’s professional background, qualifications and work are in business change management, leadership development, organisational development and leadership coaching. She is a qualified, experienced lecturer, and has extensive experience in local government, the community/voluntary sector and further education.

Jennifer is the Director of a Management Consultancy who works with clients nationally and internationally.

Jennifer has a passion and drive for history and is especially keen to play an pro-active role in researching, documenting and raising awareness in and knowledge of local history, especially in relation to the African Caribbean presence and experience in Walsall.

Evadne Drysdale

Evadne is of Jamaican background and attended tutorial college before coming to the UK. After arriving here she went to Woodgreen College, prior to going into nursing.

Evadne completed Registered Nurse Training and Family Planning as an extra accreditation. later studying midwifery and a diploma in counselling and a certificate in NHS management.

Dr Tony Talburt

Tony Talburt, B.A. in History and Social Science, from the University of W.I, and M.A. in International Studies from the University of Warwick. He completed his PhD in International Politics and Development at the South Bank University in London (2001).

A lecturer in the Centre for African and International Studies at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, he is author of a number of books: Rum, Rivalry and Resistance: Fighting for the Caribbean (Hansib, 2010) as well as the ground-breaking children’s novel History on the Page: Adventures in Black British History (New Generation, 2012), Andrew Watson: The World’s First Black Football Superstar Hansib, (2016); and co-editor of the forth-coming Fight for Freedom: Black Resistance and Identity, (Sub-Saharan Publishers, 2017).

Patricia Houslin

I am the youngest in the family of 6, born in Walsall in the early 60’s to pioneer parents. They were very traditional and although they wanted the very best in education for us, they encouraged us be ourselves and encourage us to indeed speak patios.

Being one of the first generation to attend school that was not equipped to teach black children. Leaving with not much qualifications. Nevertheless there was a constant love for history, not the one they taught at school. But the truth about MY HISTORY, BLACK HISTORY.

Where to purchase Through Sweat, Tears and Triumphs – Reflections on the African Caribbean presence in Walsall.

The book launch – In the local media

Walsall Chronicle, August 31, 2017