Jawbone is a Second City Success Story

by Mkuu Amani

If you’re up for watching a powerful boxing drama this evening look no further than Jonny Harris’s ‘Jawbone.’

Actor, writer Harris who himself plays the lead role of Jimmy McCabe, a dishevelled, down and out and former amateur boxing champion.

McCabe is struggling to cope with his misfortune, bereavement and alcohol addiction in this harrowingly realistic portrayal of UK life in the undergrowth.

As we soon find out, conflict and tragedy are following McCabe around like one of those a dirty, stray cats that hooks on to you hoping you’ll take it in, and this in some scenes renders Jawbone not an easy watch.

But the storyline is not difficult to relate to and whilst it becomes quite simple to see how McCabe is in some ways the architect of his own withering imprisonment, this doesn’t stop us from yearning to see his escape.

Birmingham can be proud that as a city it has provided great film locations for some memorable movies and even more proud that Jawbone, an undoubtedly great movie to watch, has been added to that list.

Additionally the city, through its association with this movie, opens a doorway through which we are invited to appreciate some authentic Midlands boxing culture.

Amongst the cast are some seasoned boxing practitioners including John Pegg, the Head Trainer at Birmingham’s Eastside Boxing Gym who has since gone on to make a movie of his own.

John Pegg, Jordan Cooke and Paul Counihan in Walsall

Also, Paul Counihan a gifted and dedicated trainer who also works at Eastside, and Jason Lowe a boxing reporter who also co-owns the award winning Women’s Boxing Club.

If you’re particularly sharp you might spot Birmingham Boxing Column’s chief writer Dexter Hastings in the crowd during a fight scene or, you might spot the actual flyer produced by Tommy Owens Boxing Promotions ahead of Don Broadhurst’s March 2014 title fight against Brett Fidoe — and if you do spot it, then on the flyer you might just make out the images of Tommy Langford, Chris Truman and Michael Rooney, all Birmingham based boxers.

Jawbone is available to purchase (£5.99 HD / £4.49 SD) or rent (£1.99) on YouTube Movies.